SOLD! Custom Vinz pocket rocket// price drop!!


Time for me to clear out some more shelf queens.

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1. Eagletac D25A coolwhite XML2. I thought I would EDC this one. I was wrong. It has spent its life on my shelf in the box it came in. I only used it a handful of times. Box, lanyard, instructions, and holster come with the light. I am also including the 2 lifepo4 batteries (both cycled once) and charger I bought to use in the light. Yes this light does run on a 14500 but it gets hot very very quickly. Running the light on lifepo4 increases the brightness on high by 50% (compared to eneloop). $42 shipped conus

SOLD SOLD SOLD 2. Zebralight sc52 coolwhite XML (U3? not sure, they don’t list their bin). Very little run time on this one too. This light is the ultimate pocket light in my opinion. Runs great on a 14500 too (all modes regulated even on 14500.) Speaking of 14500s, I am going to include 2 like new intl outdoor sanyo protected 14500s that have each been cycled once. I bought them to use with this light and would like to sell them with the light if possible - as I do not have a use for 14500s in any other lights I own. $50 shipped conus SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLD 3. Solarforce L2m with Vinz p60 drop in. I am sad to see this light go - but I do not use it as much as I originally thought. The host is a solarforce L2m with UCL installed. The drop in is a p60 sized XML-U3 cool white driven at 3.2 amps on high (modes are LMH with memory). The emitter is mounted on a block of polished aluminum and handles heat better than any other p60 I have ever owned (I have owned over 20, triples, quads, singles etc). The drop in has a flood optic. I am also including 2 like new AW IMR 18350 cells to go with the L2m host to run the drop in. They have seen minimal use - 5-6 cycles each maybe at most. If you have other solarforce parts you could easily lego a 18650 body for use with a longer run time cell. The drop in alone cost me $80 6 months ago, plus the host, batteries, UCL etc… I would like to get $80 now 75 shipped conus for this light.

All lights are in like new condition, have good tint (no ugly greens/purples) and could easily be mistaken for new lights. I usually ship within 24-48 hours of receiving a cleared paypal payment.

First person to post an unconditional “I’ll take it” in this thread - followed by a prompt (within 12 hours) payment to jmpaul320 (at) via paypal gets priority.

I combine shipping if you want more than one light - $5 off for two and $15 off if you buy all three!


Ill take it, PP once I get off work.

2 Sanyo 14500 batteries included.

bump - any payments/orders until 1:30 pm est will ship today :slight_smile:

if anyone is interested in either the eagletac or vinz l2m - i am open to all reasonable offers/trade offers etc :slight_smile:

the eagletac has been sold

bump :slight_smile:

you just sold the 2 best compact 1xAA lights on the whole market. d25a and sc52.

ld10 and quark are outstanding 1xAA models too, but not as compact.

archer 1a .. i deleted all my comments on TN warez because etc.

yeap - they are the best… i went through my 1aa phase this spring… but i never use them…. so time to turn unused lights into $ to turn back into used lights haha

price drop on the vinz light to $75