SOLD D Mag Heatsinks For sale

I had turned 2 heatsinks for future projects, before realizing that I won’t have the money to finish them. Whoops.

-At any rate, they are $12 each, but feel free to make a lower offer via PM if you are so inclined.
Shipping is $7 CONUS only.-

One has a Lip to keep it from falling inside the tube too far, and the other does not.
Both have 20mm counterbores for LED stars & drivers. At least noctigon stars should fit, although i have none to test them with on hand. (Speaking of no money!)
the driver counterbore is about 9mm deep on both
Overall finish isn’t perfect, but I hope to use this money to buy some new tooling to improve that.

the Lipless one is a very tight press fit. the cap screw is used to pull it out, with a pair of pliers

The rimmed one will NOT fit in a light with the stock reflector.

Thanks for looking.

EDIT: Both are now sold.