SOLD: DEFT-X 980Kcd LED Flashlight

Rarely used, in mint condition, OMG Lumens DEFT-X. Includes 3 18650 batteries, case and wrist strap.

$999 or best offer. SOLD

Are you serious? 1000 bucks for a flashlight, holy crap!

Didn’t these originally sell for $600?

Best offer eh…?

Print this…

Send me the light! :bigsmile:

Ps. Keep the change!

This includes the pain and suffering his wife put on him for spending $600 on a flashlight :beer:

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Hello jtw473, pleased to meet you :slight_smile:


no way, its this close to being a laser :exmark:

K40M aspheric? :smiley:


as impressive of a KCD the Deft-X achieves, i consider it $ 950 dollars over-priced. Regardless of its throw capability, its pretty much a shelf queen and useless flashlight for other than a toy to awe non-flashaholics with a white laser pointer shaped like a flashlight.

I’ll take it!

Oh you thought I was serious? I figured this whole thread was a joke so…………

BTW you can buy a RGB laser to make a white beam for 1/2, heck 1/4 of the price or even 1/6 of the price if you get a super cheapo one

I already have a 150-Milliwatt / 532nm Green laser that cost me only 50 bucks, and would already out-throw the 1000-dollar Deft X by a dozen times further distance.

Wait till u add a $50 beam expander and make that thing into outer space.

I have plenty of lasers that can out throw that thing and they are 1/3 of the size……plus aspheric lights are useless to begin with unless you want to spot light something

I paid $608 shipped for mine - I guess if you get $999 then they have appreciated in value and are a good investment… good luck with the sale