SOLD DM11 and Z1


Looking to sell a Notcigon DM11 and two Convoy Z1.

DM11 is W2 6500K
Z1s are a W2 and SFT 40 both 6500K.
Very lightly used. Still have the boxes.
Asking $75 shipped CONUS.

Thanks for looking.

Add a [WTS】or similar in the title so that people know it’s a sale thread when looking at the recent posts page.


PM Sent

What color ano and aux lighting is your DM11?

Hi FlashPilot,
Thanks for asking.
Black with cold white switch.
I have two interested parties already but if things don’t work out with them I will shoot you a message.

Thanks, but I was hoping for a green one. I know someone who might be interested and will forward your post.


Received everything as promised. Thanks!