SOLD - DQG 26650 Tiny 3, & DQG 18650 Tiny 4th - package deal

I have two DQG lights I bought but never used, other than to photograph some beamshots. A DQG Tiny 3 26650, and a DQG Tiny 4th (18650).

The DQG Tiny 26650 has 7 XPG2 NW emitters, that are about 2500lm. Also has glow ring inside This DQG is known as the smallest 26650 light available. Considerably smaller than the Emisar D4S. I will include a 26650 battery, and as a bonus, a diffuser, cut from a Phillips LED light bulb that snaps onto the bezel, and turns the light into a lantern. Modes are low/med/high, and double click for turbo.

The DQG Tiny 4th 18650 is a NW XML2, approx 850lm with a TIR optic. Also figured to be the smallest 18650 light out there. Here it is compared to the FW3A. Small, great EDC light. Modes are low/med/high, and double click for turbo.

$50 CONUS Paypal, includes USPS 1st class shipping.

Thanks for looking. PM me if interested

Tiny 26650 3 size compared to 26650 Emisar D4S

I’ll take em. PM incoming.

Nice shoot!

Received both lights in great condition. Thanks Robert!

Good deal, thank you and enjoy!

Wish I would have signed up a month earlier :frowning:

I was looking for a gray Tiny 18650 to match my Tiny 26650.


Banggood has them back in stock HERE. If not contact George at DQG. He can get one sent your way.

Not in Gray though, I wrote two vendors to verify.


Funny you should mention that-

I recently contacted George at DQG as I had seen he was posted he was working on a new Tiny 18650 design and I got this bit of bad info.

“sorry, maybe there have no new anymore, because the factory is shutdown this year, I cannot find a new factory can help me to produce mechanics of the light for little quantity. At current, only 4th tiny 18650 black available.
Best regards,