** SOLD ** Eagtac D25 Mini N219b - AAA Black- FREE!.


Thanks, I have a good used eagtac twisty 219b 4500k AAA in black, purchased from Nkon.nl FREE if anyone would like it. Nice nichia hcri tint.
Comes with the clip and o rings.

Just To add, the magnet on the rear of it, comes off, so I don’t know if it needs gluing back into place or what.

Just cover postage for me - £2.20 should cover,…unless you know the price popped into a standard envelope.

First to say “I’ll take it” along with prompt payment, has it!.
Will post within a day.

A good little light.

UK Only.


I’ll take it

Thanks but I forgot to add this is a UK sale.
Oooops, Sorry. I can still send it to you, because of what’s happened, but postage would be around USD$5.
Let me know.

Still up for sale.

I will take it. Am ok with the us postage price. Pm me your PayPal.

I’m next on line for international shipping if Radioshaq passes it up. :slight_smile:

SOLD to radioshaq, thank you BLF.

Thanks hcri! what a great deal :smiley:

got it today. awesome - takes 10440 too! thanks again hcri.

Great stuff!, enjoy bro!.