Sold, except accessories . WTS: New Fireflies ROT66 OSRAM over 9,000 lumens

Received a few days ago from banggood, so it’s new, works great. Problem is I’ve bought about 15 lights in the last month and my girlfriend is unhappy to say the least, so I will be forced to sell a few lights unfortunately ! Will try to offer you a good deal, below my purchase price, have accessories for it too. Best part you won’t have to wait a month for it to come here from China. Might even throw in a few batteries! Will probably be selling a few more but start with this. Let me know if you are interested! Looking to sell fast. Thanks. Mike

The light has been sold but the accessories are available , can give you a 20% discount on them

Where are you located?

12 x Osram 15W W2 6P 6500K 18000lumens 130 000 cd

is this the one?

When it was tested the seller adjusted the lumen output to 9000 lumens. Yes i believe it’s the one. It’s 100 cd though. So don’t count on 18000 lumens. It’s north of 9000 depending on batteries

I am in New York City

The light arrived safe & sound and is very nice, thanks Cloud!

Very glad to hear. Thanks!