SOLD - Fenix PD22 and E11 - Updated with pictures


UPDATE added pictures. Sorry they’re not the greatest. You should be able to click on them to see them a little larger. Let me know if you want to see others. I’m not doing these to make money so these are just the break even costs. I just got a great deal on them and didn’t need the lights so I’m trying to pass the good deals on to other BLF members.

Alright, I asked a few weeks ago and there was enough interest so here’s my first attempt at selling a few lights I just picked up. Both are used lights in different conditions.

First one is a Fenix PD22 for $20. It is in carried used shape with several nicks in the finish on the head and tail. Lens is spotless. Comes with a pocket clip. Still works great.

Second one is a Fenix E11 for $10. It comes with the retail packaging, extra o-ring, and tail booty. It looks almost new. I found a few minor blemishes in the anodizing but wouldn’t be surprised if it came that was from the factory they’re so small. Only thing I can see wrong with this one is a few light scratches on the front glass. It is tough to see and I can’t tell any difference in the beam.

Shipping would be $5 for either one to anywhere in the US. I’d combine shipping costs if you bought both.

A bump for an update with pictures.

I'll take the pd22

Great prices on some great lights. Always wanted an E11.

I want that E11 too. Please keep these deals coming. Thanks.

Unfortunately, the frequency of me finding these deals are only every few months. These ones have sold but if I get a chance to pick up some more in a few months I’ll post them again.