SOLD: flamed Convoy S2 with GITD and high cri

Brand new, only flamed, put together and tested.

SOLD: Convoy S2 SST20 2700K 95CRI, 8x7135 driver with 5 modes (3+blinkies) 18$
SOLD: K9 XM-L2 5B1 85 CRI, fet driver with bistro UI, 28$

Did you heat the K9 head from the inside? that’s a cool looking effect.

Inside and outside :smiley:

Here is full gallery of baked flashlights on blf

But first try the effect looked like this:

How much for the S2 if shipped to the US?

Shipping to US is 7$, so 25$ is final price. But sorry, it’s sold already, I forgot to edit post.