FRAZ LABS Tiny Tank 18350 BRAND NEW from last week's drop. I got several and don't need them all.

Price: $93 + $9 shipping

Grab it fast. It won't last long. Amazing WIRELESS light!

A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no wires, no PCB boards, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.
Product details
Body Material – Aluminum 6061
Coating – Anodized (Natural Color)
Bezel Diameter – 1.348″
Waterproof – Yes
Emitter – Samsung 351D
Optic – Carclo 26.5mm
Battery Type – 18350, 18500, 18650, 21700
NOTE- there are certain battery lengths which shouldn’t be exceeded for optimal performance. If using a 18350 battery, it must be no longer than 1.39″ long. When using an 18650 battery, it must be no longer than 2.57″ long. When using a 21700 battery, it must be no longer than 2.78″ long.
Measurements are as follows:
Tiny Tank 18350 – 3″ long
4.4 oz w/o battery

Do you have a picture? Or a link?

Weird. The pictures show up for me on my PC, but not on my iPhone nor for you. So, here is a link: https://frazlabs.com/product/tiny-tank/


Wow an arky company, I’m impressed. Free up since I didn’t know there were any fellow flashlight nuts from here on this site, much less so close. I logged in for the first time in 5 years to follow you on FB.

Sadly not a fan of twist tail lights but I understand your reason for them.

This is a nice light: I have the Lumenite 21700 version with a KD LH351D 5700K installed.

Interested … PM sent.

> FRAZ LABS Tiny Tank 18350

Im having trouble finding basic info, can you help:

carry weigh w 18350 inside?
max output?
runtime curve?
photo of size compared to an HDS, or AA Tool, or Jetbeam Rotary?

I dont usually do this with my lights:

and I hear the QTC is finnicky… but I have not tried one

good luck with the sale

I don't like twisties in general, either. The only other one I have is a little Foursevens Mini Mark II Turbo Stainless - Goliath (Limited Run). It's beautiful and quite bright, especially for its diminutive size. But I don't like its twisty interface. You must keep twisting it on and off to change the brightness. A pain,.

Fraz Lab's lights UI is quite different. As you twist, the light brightens. Twist the other way, and the light dims. They're really a rotary lights, not a twisties. I love them!

How can it not have any electronics?

Weight is 4.4 oz w/o battery. It's really a rotary interface, not so much a "twisty". See my reply to this regard here (above or below?). Here's the link.

To me, that's one of its coolest features. But it's "wireless", no wires. It does have electronics. Read about it here.

thanks for that info…
2/3 heavier than an RRT-01 that weighs 2.65 oz

the link ipaul gave says: “no wires, no PCB boards, no drivers”

so basically, the qtc is the only circuitry that controls how much power goes to the LED… KISS! :slight_smile:

sounds good, thanks for the education


Twistie, rotary, or dial call it whatever. I still prefer a button

“The Force has a strong influence on the weak minded.”

It’s a neat light, but I found it’s near impossible to operate with one hand. Probably not intended to be turned with one hand, but my HDS has spoiled me. It was possible to get it turned on to 90% brightness when it was new, but now that the QTC is broken in and the threads are settled, I can only turn it to 50% brightness.

The QTC will unlikely ever be as precise and granular like the RRT-01 or HDS Rotary, but it works well for its simplicity. I did notice slight flicker and drift on the brightness during the break in period, but it seems solid after a month of use. I believe Fraz will send out a new QTC nub if requested.

@jon_slider: I’ll try to snap a photo with the HDS and RRT-01 and post it this evening.

thanks for sharing info
how many lumens is that?

I have no way of measuring lumens… I could post beam shots to compare with the HDS and RRT-01 outputs, however it won’t be quite apples to apples.

Myself I love QTC lights.

And I love Fraz innovation. LED swap with just a screwdriver rather than soldering iron? Cool!

Though the price is not budget. And heavily overbuilt lights are far from my style.
Fraz has said that he planned to make something lighter. I’m in. :slight_smile: