(Sold) HD2010 5amp driver 3 modes, no blinkies, spring mods, de-domed XM-L2 on a sinkpad.

Up for sale today is my HD2010 it’s got a 5amp driver with Low, Turbo and High. It’s got a de-domed XM-L2 on a sinkpad. The spring mods have been done and it’s in like new condition. This light is a fantastic thrower. It’s the dark grey model so it’s nice looking too.

Price dropped and this is really cheap for this light.


Is the fandyfire or ultrafire version?

I’m not even sure. I bought it second hand with no driver or emitter. It doesn’t have any writing on it at all.

By the way the driver on this is the FET version not a nanjg.

Do you think it’s doing lumen and lux wise?

I’m seeing just short of 200kcd. It has a very nice tight hotspot but still a nice bit of flood as well. Pretty nice for a smaller thrower like this. I have two more on the way from T-Mart or I wouldn’t be selling this one.


Just a bump to say this light is still for sale.

Bump for a price drop. I need some parts for yet another project.

PM Sent.


Payment sent!

And It’s gone!

Thanks I’ll have it out on Monday and send you the tracking number.