SOLD: Lumintop EDC05, NW XP-L HI, USA & PayPal

I bought this for a muggle but I’m afraid the hold for on / off will be difficult for them.

It’s a neat little AA / 14500 light but I don’t need another EDC.

Neutral white XP-L HI with nice tint.

Great condition with only minor signs of use. Small scratches in the pocket clip groove and small nicks near the keychain attachment.

Price is $20 including shipping. USA and PayPal only.


Click photos to enbiggen.

I’ll take it if it’s still available

Sorry nvm. I thought it was new.

I’ll bite, then.

PM coming.

Sold and shipped.

Thanks, Starkm32! :+1:

Delivered! Thanks, all lit up!

:partying_face: :+1: