SOLD - Maglite 1D Flames light - Will ship anywhere

SOLD is the Flame light I just finished. Here's the link to the build thread.




Cut down to 1D. Uses a custom 3AA battery holder. Run it with 3xAA Eneloops (not supplied).

Direct Drive to an XM-L T6 1C led. Aluminum Heat sink, Glass Lens, Aluminum reflector (stippled). Tail cap switch is a Judco.

Just remember this is a hand made light. While it's beautiful, it's not like a factory light. It's not perfect and some may not care for the hand made parts. They are not as nice as factory parts.


LOWERED Price $90 $75 USD shipped CONUS - $99 $85 USD shipped International airmail.

Payment is PayPal valleau (insert the @ sign here)

First person posting I'll take it, followed by a payment and a PM to me with your full name and address, gets this light.


I will take others suggestions and sit this onefour for a bit...

It’s good of you to do that. Besides, the next one might be nicer. I know I would wait for it, but i know what it will be, LOL.

Beautiful light O-L! If you took out an ad in Hemmings Auto News I bet you’d get more orders than you could fill.

Price lowered.

That’s a beaut! I can’t believe it hasn’t been snapped up already.

And O-L, to answer a question from another thread, an empty mag 7c is 451 grams, which is almost exactly 1 pound.

I still think this is the most badass-looking custom you’ve made. It’s a shame I don’t have the funds to buy it.

Sorry, can’t resist this fantastic looking torch.

It’s yours.

Thank you

Hi Justin,
It arrived today (Held up by customs) and it’s just a fantastic torch.
Thanks so much and I look forward to reading all your future excellent, informative builds.

I am glad you like it.