SOLD Maglite 1D - Woody


Up for sale is the Maglite cut down 1D Woody flashlight that I just finished

  • XM-L U2 1A led
  • Aluminum Heat sink
  • Direct Drive
  • 3xAA Battery Holder (copper modded)
  • Polished bezel and Tail cap
  • Tail cap switch
  • Aluminum deep reflector
  • Glass lens
  • Burl Walnut over body

Here's a link to the build thread, with more info and Beam Shots


Price is $65 USD CONUS and $75 USD International

Payment is PayPal valleau (insert the @ sign here)

First person posting "I'll take it" followed by a payment and a PM with your full name and address, gets the light.

Note: This light is hand made, it is not like a factory light. Hand made means it's not perfect and may not be for everyone. It is unique and a one of a kind. This light needs 3 AA NiMH batteries and for best output, they need to be eneloops.



Ha! In before Scaru!

Damn nice build, Justin!....just wanted to say that :)

Thank you Match

Btw, did you decide to go with brass for the tailcap? I only ask because the last picture in the build thread looks like that.

Guys, considering the work he put into this, this is a sweet deal. I'd double the price!

(And just in time for the holidays....treat yourself to something special!)

I’ll Took it! I mean… I’LL TTAKETOOKED IT….
Awe heck, I’m too tired to do it right…. Sending P.Pal Right Now!!!

Thanks Justin…… Ummmm…. you do remember I just spent &$%$%$$$@#^$#%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a new lathe!!! J)

Edit… PPal sent.


Nice Score TL…Old Lumens can sure crank em out dat’s for sure…:slight_smile:

I went with brass (new gold). After looking at the abalone shell again, I felt it would be too fragile to work.

Thanks very much

Thanks Streamer, He sure can… and they are always nice with excellent craftsmanship!!! I’m envious!! Ha!


You’re welcome Justin…… THANK YOU!!! for another great mod and ALLLLLLL the sharing you do here.


Awww Justin, don’t you know that selling your woody can get busted…