SOLD: Modded Astrolux C8(Price drop: 15$US shipped)

So, I’m selling the Astrolux C8 for 15$US used.


- Phosphor bronze springs for higher max brightness, both on the tailcap and driver. It boost the output by

  • Tailcap magnet. It’s strong, and can actually hold horizontally on a fridge.

It worked really well as a thrower, but it’s been superseded by my GT Mini, as it is more compact and throws better.

It’s still a really good light though. It has the venerable BLF A6 FET+1 driver and UI, which is really nice. This is the 3A, around 5200k, which is a very nice pure white.

15$US shipped to Canada and US via Paypal.

Price drop to 15$US with shipping.

Is the magnet used in place of the washer to the tail switch?

It’s between the rubber boot and tailcap. Just put a bit of glue on the magnet, and slotted it in between the tailcap and rubber boot directly.

It’s really nice IMO. Manages to hold the light even sideways :slight_smile:

Which LED/CCT is this one?

This is the 3A version, around 5200k, which is a very nice pure white, with a minuscule shift towards rosiness on max.

Pm sent.

I’ll take it.

Is it still available?

The light has been sold!

Thanks to you all.