SOLD - Modified Maglite 1D


Up for sale is a modified 2D Maglite. The body has been cut down for a single 26650 or 18650. The head has been extended for a deep reflector. I used two bezels and mage a copper sleeve over that, then I painted the head black with VHT brake paint and baked it. It has a glass lens. There's some cosmetic file work mods too.

The XM-L2 U2 1D is on a Noctigon and that is on a large aluminum heat sink. I am using a NANJG driver that puts out a little over 3 amps. There are 5 modes, from low to high, no blinky modes. No mode memory, it always starts on low. There are sleeves for using a 26650 or a 18650. It does about 50k lux at one meter. Typical XM-L beam in a deep reflector, throws well. I don't have any beam shots, but I might do some tonight if it isn't raining.






Price is $60 Shipped Priority - CONUS International, it would be an extra $14 to ship, so it might be out of your price range.

Payment is PayPal oldlumens(insert the @ sign here)

First person posting here, paying with PayPal and sending me a PM with your full name and address, will get the light.


tempting very tempting.

Wish to see beam shots. Also, do you have any idea of the lumen steps? Moon light mode? Approx. high lumen output? You do nice work too :slight_smile:

It’s a sweet light OL.
Would you carry it I’m your picinic basket yogiboobooranger?

Why must amazing things come up for sale once I’ve already spent $200 today!

High lumen output? Look at Match’s listing of output. 3.15 amps on an XM-L2. That would be somewhere around 1100 lumens on a copper star, but figure about 15% or so loss, so OTF would be what? About 935 lumens? I will attempt to do beam shots of all five modes. No moonlight, but the shots should tell. It will be after midnight. Wait, that’s a song isn’t it?

Oh man that is so tempting...

Cannot wait to see the beam shots. As far as the other jargon, amps and copper star, don’t have a clue. Just trying to get a handle on some of the aspects or modding. I am an old guy and eyes are getting too bad to do fine soldering and other delicate stuff. But I am willing to play with others creativity :).

It is funny you would ask :). My handle has been mine since the days of lot ownership and camper in a Jelly Stone park camp resort. It is a long story and would be willing to tell you the story sometime. I was a ranger by the way at that resort (security)!

And I’ll bet you were smarter than the average bear too. Welcome to the forum Mr Ranger, you could not pick a better light for a first choice than one of OL’s Maglite mods. Bad eyes are common around here, we need lots of extra light.

I’ll take it

Payment sent

You got it. Smile

Thanks slow2go, you just saved me $74 I don't really have. Whew!

Well nuts! I was going to buy it if the beam patterns looked good. Oh well, I guess if you drag your feet you miss the boat as they say. I guess slow2go was not slow :slight_smile:

You should have seen it when Scaru was active. He would stay up at night to be the first to nab Justin’s work.

Now that is just too funny :slight_smile: I did message him asking him if he would mod my personal 3D mag light.