SOLD: MT18S (MF01S), Emisar projects, and Hanko clones


Mateminco MT18S sst20 4000k. LNIB. $75 shipped

Hanko clones. Mint condition. Claimed 4000 lumens, probably correct. Nice XHP35HI cool white tint. $40 shipped each

Emisar E21A projects. These come with box and basic accesories. I have about 8 of these so I’m going to let go of the non working ones.

The Ti version was my first reflow attempt for these. Clemence sw30. It will turn on and ramp up, but on high it will turn off. Any combination of clicks will also shut it off. I hope its not the driver. $60 shipped.

Sand Color 3500k. My small soldering iron wasn’t working for the main wires for some reason, so I used a larger iron. The aux board reflowed itself and parts moved around. I might have them in a bag, so you might get a flashlight with a little work. Otherwise its probably fine. Like I said, I just have to many of these. $30 shipped.

Buy the lot for $215 shipped. Otherwise, I can combine shipping.

did you mean mateminco mt18s. also does it have the auxiliary lights?

Corrected. 100% identical to an Astrolux.

I’d put a price for all of them but I don’t feel like doing math.

Here ya go:

75 + 40 + 40 + 60 + 30 = $245

Minus the discount for both Emisars = $240


@John Deez
:email: D4

Did a search on the Hanko clones. 1 BLF post and a link to Aliexpress states 18650 fishing flashlight.
Didn’t understand the UI…

Can you tell me how UI works? Forward or reverse switch? And have they caught any fish :smiley:

They are extremely well made, like a work of art, both inside and outside. The driver is the oddest part, not because of the UI, but because of a small delay between pressing the button and the brightness changing. It’s a reverse clicky. I don’t have the pliers to remove the brass ring and measure the driver. They have Carclo quad optics.

$215 takes all

I’ll take it

@John Deez
Did you sell everything at once, even though I wrote you as first one that I would take two flashlights?
This is a bit unfair of you.

I never said I would ship to Poland.

You didn’t actually say anything specific.
Next time, make a note in your sales post that you’re only selling to specific countries so as not to give someone hope.