[SOLD] - Nichia 219b R9050 sw30 emitters

Can’t wait to see the results!


I like Your Style :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see this :+1: , is one of them the 4000k SST20 or 219C? I had ordered a standard gray version with the neutral white 4800K XP-L Hi from aliexpress before I knew that I could get what I wanted from nealsgadgets that I’m going to convert with these LEDs when the light arrives.

I want to say all the emitters he listed are going to be the Nichia 219b. All r9080 except for the sw30 which is r9050.

Sorry, I meant are any of the ones shown in the photo ordered from the factory with the SST or 219C, I wouldn’t mind seeing them in this amazing lineup.

Following the conversion

Interested in 35! Please PM me your paypal info and I’ll pay as soon as possible tomorrow.

Coming right up!

Oh my god…. the sw30 is absolutely stunning. It makes the sw45k look blue.

You guys that got the sw30 are in for a real big treat!

I’m tempted to show just the sw45k vs sw30 but… I must… resist…

I give up… I won’t be able to go to sleep leaving y’all in suspense :smiley: - by no means is this calibrated. I tried to get the color rendition as absolutely close as possible to what i was seeing with the naked eye. I would say these photos are slightly amplified in color just slightly.

The sw30 is not too warm. I was expecting the warmth of the xpl hi 7a but its not too orange or yellow, its a perfect combination of warmth but good neutral brightness. Butting it up against the wall, you can clearly see the warmth but as it spread throughout the environment, it neutralizes itself to a more natural tint.



Sw30 vs sw45k

almost 10pm, it took me about 3 hours to finish up the sw45k build. Aside from reflowing and reflashing to toykeepers latest firmware for fw3 219, trying to get the electronics as center as possible. Some of the fw3c’s have too much of something, either the button, the rubber cap or a combination of both, I had to slightly trim the rubber cap and sand some of the tiny plastic nub to regain the click. They are coming with too much tension and causing wonkiness with the light so weeding this stuff out for each one is rather tedious!

All, unfortunately I wont be able to do a side by side comparison of all of them together. The copper is starting to patina once I took them out of the bags, so I want to make sure they go to their rightful owners :frowning:

Sw30,sw35,sw45k (left to right)

Sw35,sw45k,sw30 (left to right)

That sw35 looks like a happy medium between the sw30 and sw45k :smiley:

Tint perfection!

My emitters arrived today! :partying_face:

Thanks again, trailhunter! :+1:

Awesome, glad to hear they made it to their rightful owner, enjoy!

bumpity bump, about 600 emitters remaining :smiley:

My first reflow, I failed to kill it!

disclaimer, lumen levels are not matched

I freaking LOVE the color rendering of this beautiful Warm 219b
Thank you trailhunter!:slight_smile:

Nice! I’ve been building flashlights with sw30’s for customers on reddit, just built a d4v2 and m43 in sw30, truly delicious tint! Glad you liked yours.