SOLD: Nitecore EA2 2*AA XP-G


Nitecore EA2, used for about 10 minutes..

  • 4 modes + strobe, sos and red light
  • XP-G
  • secondary red-light mode
  • runs on 2xAA
  • new ;)

In box with all accessories.

$35 including worldwide economy airmail shipping.

I'll take it, followed by PM gets it.

I'm not sending it as a gift.

Add $3 for airmail.

Add $5 for tracking.

Some reviews:


picture of the actual light:

If your country doesn't accept economy airmail, shipping will be more expensive, so that will add $2-5.

Nitecore EA2 with 8pack 4th gen. eneloops +$25

In combination with 1pack of 8xAA 4th gen. eneloop batteries +$25

Is that a total of $60 for the Light and Batteries?


you`re right bikenber73..

math wasn`t my strongest subject either ;)