SOLD!!! Nov2014: Supfire M6 6xCopper $45 and Sunwayman M30A $25

I`m selling some lights that I have no time for finishing modding.

just for the modders.

first up is a Supfire M6 with an BLF FET 46mm board from MTNelectronics and 6x XML2 on copper noctigons.. The noctigons I have filed down in size so they would all fit in the Supfire M6.
The reflector has some spots on it, and comes from a DX srk.
Story: I have tried to get everything inside the head, and soldering it from top, but everytime there was some trouble.. I always had a short somewhere... so I never finished it. Too many hours went in this project.
Needs some cleaning here and there....
Will add a maglite mini 2xAAA (empty host) for fun.

Price is $45 shipped.

Next is a Sunwayman M30A magnetic control ring that runs on 3xAA batteries. I upgraded the XRE to XML. When I added solder to the driver baord for better conductivity, I lost some I just have High and flash. It probably needs to remove all the solder.with box.

Price is $25 shipped.

box says sunwayled, but light says sunwayman.

I have other lights that I am selling, but first want to try it locally.

M6 possible interest: leafty

I’m interested in the M30A.

Then the M30a will be yours DBSAR.

Yep, I had sent a pm. Now back and responding to your reply.

Sunwayman m30a sold to DBSAR.

M6 spf for leaftye

Thanks. Hopefully I can figure it out, but if not, having those parts will be a good excuse to try building up this thing.

If for any reason leaftye would back out I’m in for sure! I’ve had very similar plans for such a mod.

ChibM, update your title please. It sucks to have hope for the M30 only to have that hope crushed two posts later. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

sorry.. will do!