[SOLD] Olight X7 kit

I got this X7 kit few months ago and I don’t really use it so now I sell it.

Price : 180€ shipped

Price drop : 170€ shipped in EU
New price drop : 160€ shipped in EU
New price drop : 150€ shipped in EU
New price drop : 140€ shipped in EU
New price drop : 120€ shipped to EU

Bump and price drop.
170€ shipped in EU

Bump, who wants 9000 lumens ?

160€ shipped

Is this the one with active cooling?

Nice set, decent charger, four cells.

No active cooling, but Turbo step down and a good mass to absorb the heat (well, the first 3 minutes anyway O:) )

Guys, anyone ? 9000 lumens for 160€, thats’s a mere 0,017€ per lumen, batteries included !

Price drop : 150€

Now on eBay, start at 100€ plus 12€ shipping.

Now if a BLF member is interested, let me know I’m sure we can find a good price :))

Bump ?

Your light is as popular as I am on dating sites. :STEVE:

Do you drop your price from time to time ? :smiley:

… Even below MAP…

Let’s see if it sell for 140€ shipped to EU

How much shipped to 95928 California?

That would be a total of 190$ shipped

You know for us in the U.S. Amazon sells it for 150$ shipped and new. Any respectable flashaholic already had multiple chargers so we’re basically paying 40$ for the batteries. Not to mention you can get 3% - 5% cashback on Amazon. You’re not getting any buyers because it’s just not priced competitively, especially with all the other multi LED lights out there like the X80.

Well I get your point, the fact is that I sell a full kit…
However, if anyone want to buy just the flashlight they can make me an offer

New pice drop : 120€ shipped to EU

PM sent.