SOLD - P60 XML2 U2 - IOS ALXM2 drop-in

This configuration per my order form;

XM-L2 P60 Drop-in module “ALXM2” (ALXM2 drop-in)
Led & Tint Cool White - XM-L2 U2 1C
Modes 2 Modes: Low (15) - High (100)
Reflector SMO

Mint, used once and decided it wasn’t crazy enough for me.
100% Heat or ebay references available upon request.

$13 shipped, will ship from Seattle


I will take it, p.m. your paypal info.

I ordered one recently [4-mode CW.]
I was very disappointed with green cream tint that I received! :frowning:

if its still avail then ill grab it

I think someone has dibs, but if I don’t hear anything I’ll start going down the list.


Edit, the tint on mine was ok, typical cool, but not any brighter than the SST90 direct drive I already have.