sold pending funds: PRICE DROP x4 Custom Jade Mag 3 XML T5 5000k

Greetings BLF

I am putting up for sale a custom mag that I built over the summer. This mag uses a triple XML T5 Neutral 5000k drop in purchased from Der Wichtel and will put out about 2500 Lumens of beautiful vanilla colored neutral light. More information on this drop in can be found here. This light does generate some heat – I have run this light for periods of 15-20 minutes, but usually turn it off after that to cool down. If the light gets to hot to hold, turn it off for a few minutes. DO NOT unscrew the head of the mag light! Doing so will destroy and twist internal wires! If you need to remove the head, first pull the drop in out through the front of the light, then unscrew the head.

Items in this build:
3D Jade Mag (host is in 9.5/10 condition with only a very very minor ding or two which are only noticeable on very close inspection of the host)
DW Single Mode 3XML T5 5000k Drop-in (thermally potted to host w/ thermal paste)
4x 25500 Li-ion (DX sku 26799) batteries have 2 cycles on them
UCL lens
PVC battery adaptor
Modified talcap & spring
Modified Mag switch

Yours Shipped CONUS $199 now 189 now 179 now 169 now 159
Or Shipped worldwide for $214 now 204 now 194 now 184 now 174 (please note I cannot ship the batteries internationally due to shipping restrictions)

As always an unconditional I’ll take it followed by a prompt paypal payment to jmpaul320 at gmail dot com gets priority. I will ship within 1 business day of receiving a cleared payment and I always ship with delivery confirmation when shipped CONUS. Worldwide shipments are tracked until they leave the country and usually arrive within 5-20 business days depending on where they are shipped, but may take as long as 30 days in some very rare occasions.

Any questions? Please pm me!

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bump with price drop

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Maybe it would sell better over at CPF..

yeah - i have it for sale over there as well… i realize that this is by no means a budget offering but figured i would offer it on blf as well since there are still some mag enthusiasts and they might be interested

Price drop

I’d offer 70 buck.

pm sent

light sold pending funds