SOLD please delete-


offers considered

titanium color? pics? :smiley:

pm sent

If that doesn't pan out, how about $30 paid as gift?

This is the same Kung and seller of Kungs we’ve been talking about here for a few months. Very poor quality standard: people have reported one excellent, a bunch of so-so and a few poor quality Kungs from this BrotherHuang. Mine was received dinged up with the driver hanging out loose and I never got a replacement as he said he sent, I’m not sure a couple others ever got their orders from him on ebay. Most say it produces less light than their SRK. Ironically, I think mine is a little brighter than my SRK even though it was abused. So, be warned: you’ll never know what you’ll get. Look up the thread, its around here somewhere.

*Edit: After I responded I realized this guy is selling one, not just talking about BroHuang’s. Maybe he’s a better bet than BroHuang directly, I dont know :slight_smile:

I bought the same one on ebay. Hotspot it slightly dimmer than my Skyray, but its larger, and the spill is alot brighter. My Kung is a brighter flooder, but a weaker thrower than my King

The only thing I HATE about my “SILVER” ebay kung, is the color. Its NOT SILVER! Mine looks closer to gunmetal with a tint of pink in it. Really weird. Are all the silver ones like that? Or is it just mine?

Roll of the dice

I didnt know there was a silver version too. Mine came with a more “neutral” color temperature beam, thats one thing I like about it, made my SRK look purple-blue in tint. Wider flood, but throw about the same, so it must be brighter than my SRK, even though its hard visually to tell. Others said theirs was CW tint, seems like an incredible amount of variation for one light.

not black not gold
Titanium colored

are you sure it has XML U2s in it……havent seen many with the U2s, most of them a T6s

These are U2’s

Just to make sure…. Yep, $35