SOLD - Rayovac Sportsman 3D cell LED lantern SE3DLN

SOLD an extra one of these I bought last year. Still in original packaging sleeve label. Figure someone should actually use it. :~

They are great lanterns. So good in fact, that for my small space, I really don’t need two like I thought. Runs on 3D cells forever. Will run on AA adapters too, with slightly lower output and less runtime.


I'll just add that I have one and really like it! Been on the original D cells for 2 years now with occasional use (couple hours here, couple hours there). Nice and robust too.


+1 This is one of those essential items in our prep kit for Bug-In. AWESOME. Great price too!


price reduced

How much is less than forever??? :bigsmile:
Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Nice lantern. Good luck with the sale.

slightly less than forever? :wink:

more than a little...but less than a lot.

More than a few of us are waiting and hoping for a new model or upgrade on this lantern…the “standard”, especially at an Amazon like price…


I agree, these are great lanterns. Hope Rayovac keeps pumping them out. An upgrade would be awesome for sure, but I’m not holding my breath…

thanks all