SOLD! REDUCED PRICE: WTS: WURKKOS DIVING LIGHT WITH KIT - NEW - can be used as a regular light too

the light has been sold

i just posted for sale yesterday but i’m dropping the price already, what the heck, its the holiday season, and i hate selling things for too long and have no patience to wait, new reduced price is $30 ! Free shipping in US!

Good diving flashlight, 2000 lumens, light and small, uses 1 - 18650 battery, thick double rings to protect from water coming in, dive to 150 meters. Can be used as an EDC light, maintains turbo brightness long for head of this small size.snugly fits in the hand.
Light is new, comes with box, instructions, battery, charger, charging wire, long lanyard.*

Here is the best part - specs say its 19K candella - i measured 33Kc!
The light throws. A defined hot spot nicely bleeding into the corona and has a good combination with a spill. can use in the water or as a regular every day carry light. head doesn’t get too hot, long time at max brightness for small head of this size.

$40 with $30 REDUCED PRICE with FREE SHIPPING in continental US. And I will throw in a free holster too

See it sold on amazon link below

Nice deal. Someone would be happy, in/out of the water. :slight_smile: