SOLD - Securitylng 3-XM-L2 SRK Clone light. Modified.


Up for sale is this SRK Clone. It now has three XM-L2 U2 1C leds on Noctigons and they are soldered to a copper plate, which rests on top of the stock led shelf. The driver is reworked and it produces 9+ amps to the leds. The modes are H/M/L and off. You have to cycle thru the modes to shut it off.

There is some scarring at the switch button area.

Beam Shots




Damn, that's a bright light.

Price is $60 USD CONUS ans $70 USD International

Payment is PayPal oldlumens(insert the @ sign here)

First person posting they want it, followed by a payment and a PM to me, with your full name and mailing address, gets the light.

Thank You

You know the light is bright whenever the square patterns on the garage door can’t be seen. :smiley:

Congrats to whoever claims this beast.

I’ll take it.

I like your stuff !

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 7KC58349B


SOLD, Thank You! Again!

You are gonna love that light. You are lucky, I fell asleep early last night. :wink: Enjoy it!!!

That was a steal for such a great light.

I really like O-L’s work. So if I ever see them for sale I do make a stab at them.
Also really happy that he has started up with Lion batteries, that way he can really
push some of these lights.