Sold: Shadow JM07 - Excellent Mod host

Shadow JM07
I will start by saying this is a brand-new, fully-functioning light. But for you modders, I think it would make a great host, especially for an XHP. I actually really like this light, but I bought it for a specific purpose and it ended up being too large for that job.

  • 1 or 2 cells (with included extension tube)
  • 18650 or 26650 (spacer not included)
  • OP reflector
  • Tail power switch + Side e-switch
  • SS bezel
  • Very Solid Construction
  • Very good heatsinking

$25 shipped conus

But, I would have to gear up with 26650’s… :frowning:

Not necessarily. I use 18650’s in almost all of my 26650 lights. You would just need to find something to use as a spacer; o-rings, pvc pipe, cardboard, anything.

If that’s the only thing keeping you (or anyone else) from buying, I can find something that will work as a spacer and include it with the light.

That's a screamin' deal. These Shadow lights are high quality, and fairly easy to mod.

Are you saying I should raise the price? :smiley:

Something from the mythical land of Iowa? I'll take it!

Sale pending

Received - A-OK. :bigsmile: