SOLD!! Solarforce L2M Set with Triple and Quad LEDs (Lexel and Dr. Jones Driver)

Solarforce L2M Lego Set

I want to sell my two Solarforce L2M flashlights here, the set consists of the following parts:

Ich biete hier ein Solarforce L2M Lego Taschenlampen Set mit Triple und Quad LEDs an. Das Set besteht aus folgenden Teilen:

- 2x Solarforce L2M with 2x Batterytube for 18650 battery

- 1x Triple LED P60 DropIn with Nichia 219b in 5600k withhh Dr.Jones H17fx Driver

- 1x Quad LED P60 DropIn with Luminus SST-20 in 3000k with Lexel Bistro Driver

- 1x Tailcap from Solarforce in HA III

- 1x Attack Head fom Solarforce

- 2x Bezel Stailless Steel

  • 2x Lanyardring

50 Euro plus Shipping.

What you See is what you get!

Hi Coppet, I’m interested in this pacakge. I send pm.

PM :+1: