SOLD SOLD WTS: MiniMax15vn - Stage 1 by vinhnguyen54


WTS: MM15vn - Nova, Stage 1 by vinhnguyen54
Vinh calls it the Noah.

USA 50 states only.
Price: $230 Now $220 shipped.

I prefer PayPal, but will also accept a USPS money order, and I will ship USPS Priority Mail within the US.
USA 50 states only.

Domes on.
Note: this light is Stage 1 not Stage 0.
Quote: “Stage 1 Turbo = 6.5A Est. 6000-6500 OTF Luemn 2:00 minutes until overheat protection throttle down. Use high drain cells for best performance.”

My note: It gets hot to hold in Turbo mode after about 2 minutes with high drain batteries such as Samsung 20R or even Pany PFs. But then again it is putting out a ton of lumens!

More info here:
Hope it’s okay to post this link to that “other” site. If not then moderators please feel free to delete.

Light is like new as received from Vinh. Complete with box and accessories as shown in pics.

As usual first PM gets the light.

Why is this light still here?

Will someone please help me out and buy this light quickly. I’m trying to resist but loosing willpower.

You’re on a budget light forum. We all love such lights as yours but we’ve got too many mouths to feed. I just bought 13 new goldfish and they eat a lot.

Didn’t these just recently get shipped out? Why are you selling it so soon? -curious

Too bright!!! H)

aww man… I just got mine last week… I would have buy this instead, even stock itself is an awesome light. :smiley:

Selling because I bought a de-domed one also.

pm sent

Thank you!

I’m amazed. Bought it from Vinh, then turn right around and sold it. Win, win, I suppose. I was consumed with buying the MM15, and it took all the restraint I had not to buy one. But from what I have read I’m kind of glad I didn’t, at this time anyway.

I was going to get one, but when I read on the other site, some dude put one on turbo in a jug of water, after a few mins he reckons the water was nearly boiling

Put me well of, so I just ordered a tn35 of hke