SOLD: Sunwayman D40A. USA Only.

Shelf Queen still in the box. CREE XM-L2 980 Lumen. Cool White.
Uses 4 X AA.
$45 Delivered.

Nobody?? No Love for D40A ?? Shameless bump :THUMBS-UP:

Bump for a decent guy and a great 4AA light

I have the neutral version of this light. It is super bright and throws surprisingly far for such a small light running on AA batteries. Very well made.

I bought one specifically for my parents. Notvthat they are into flashlights but they do like it and what it puts out.

Bump for an awesome guy. I have the same one, and I love it. Streamer’s got a great deal on this excellent flashlight!

Thanks for the bumps guys. Truth is, it’s just a shelf Queen and I never use it. Just tryin’ to sell and make room for incoming… :wink: I tested it out that’s all and its flawless. Not a mark on it. Guaranteed to Please. :smiley:

I have one as well. Ive been thinking about giving it a full makeover. Not that it’s a bad light stick, it’s actually very nice, but because of the four AA setup. I’ve wondered how an xhp35 led would work with a 2amp buck driver powered by four 14500s. Anyway, I’m still thinking about it :wink:

Would you take western union/mg transfer? I’m not up on paypal

You could send me a USPS money order though.

PM me if that would work. Thanks

Holiday Bump: Still Available ^:)

Well, happy holiday weekend. I’ll take it. PM sent.

SOLD pending to JeffN !


PP sent - thanks!

SOLD, Thank You Jeff.