SOLD - Three Green Maglites - See the build thread - SOLD


Up for sale is this trio of Green Maglites. See the Build Thread for all the details.




The 1D has a T6 3C led direct drive and runs on 3 AA NiMHs.

The 2AA has a Nichia 219 direct drive and runs on 2AA Alkalines.

The 2AAA has a Nichia 219 direct drive and runs on 2AAA Alkalines.


Price is $150.00 USD CONUS and $170 USD International

Payment is PayPal valleau (insert the @ sign here)

First person posting "I'll take it", followed by payment and a PM with your name and address, gets the lights.



“I’ll Take It!”


Payment Made In Pay Pal!! YEA! :slight_smile:

P.M. Sent in a few minutes with shipping info!

Thanks Old !!!

Damnit Texas Lumens!

That was fast. :slight_smile: Congrats to TexasLumens. And thanks to Old Lumens for these sweet offers on BLF.

You got it! I will ship tomorrow and I will let you know when it goes out.

Thank you,


YEA! Thanks Justin!!! They are beautiful!!!


Well, I g u e s s that means congradulations!!! :slight_smile: …. I know! IT hurts don’t it! I wanted the one before these and missed. I’ve been checking this forum like mad!!!

It takes a few days but you’ll heal! I’d say I’m sorry but mama told me not to lie and I’m so tickeled it WOULD BE A LIE!!!


Thanks SB!!! Thank you as well for THIS GREAT FORUM!!!


Congrats TL.

I checked the route from Tyler to Amarillo and those lights are going to be awful close to Oklahoma at one point. Just sayin’.

Now That's Funny!!

Wow! That was friggin' fast! No fair!

You’ll think “Just Sayin”…. you just stay home until these are here!!! Ha! You are banned from the border!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew I should have just come & got’em!!! :slight_smile:

Old… Are these in an armoured car??? Can’t trust them danged Okies!!! :bigsmile:

He ships his stuff via uniformed government couriers… and they are armed with a small canister of chemical weaponry! But them Okies might be stupid enough to try something. BTW, you can usually spot those couriers at donut shops.

These go too fast… I think I will never be on time in here to catch one! :slight_smile:

Well, You’re right! There was just a report on the news about some Okie on foot chasing an armoured car!!! :slight_smile: