SOLD: Ultrafire UF-H6 $35 or Trade

Just received this today, 1 hour ago.
I got it off a Japanese auction site. The price seemed good, but I didn’t notice the high shipping cost, and that the shop was located in China, and not in Japan.
After all, I didn’t need it, so its now for you!

There is no review yet, but EDC has received one as well, so I think there will be a review up very soon.

Its the Ultrafire UF-H6 with XM-L.
I tried it to see if its working, and it does, pretty bright!

Up for sale $35 or open for a trade
(including shipping worldwide, except for really remote areas,where the shipping cost may be a little more)

here are some pics of mine… just out of the envelope.
! !
! !
! !

-SPF for blf member Sturr
Received a PM from him-

Canceled, so the light is still for sale!

explanation on shipping: I will send it by the cheapest way of shipping.
No tracking number, the cheapest tracking option here is with EMS, and thats about $14…

If no one need it more than me, I’ll take it :slight_smile:
Let’s wait for a while if sale is not urgent…

Hi Sturr, just answered you by PM!

Headlamp is still for sale, Sturr canceled.

$35 to your door

Does that include to the US?

Yes, including shipping to the US !

Will send it with “economy shipping”
Can take about 2 weeks, but usually it’s faster.

Bump…. $35 including worldwide shipping

Open for trades….

Dont need any “throwers”.

What I would consider:

  1. Something with multiple AA`s (XM-L preferred)

2. 1xAA that can also handle 14500`s, would like it to be XM-L (neutral white)

3. 18650 hard driven light with Neutral XML…

How much would you add for shipping with tracking?

sorry, shipping with tracking is pretty expensive from Japan, sorry.
The cheapest way with tracking I know of, is with EMS, which is about $14……

Sold! To Joerg

Whew! If it went another day I would have caved in and bought it. :slight_smile:

Monday it will be sent to Germany
Sorry Johnny Mac.

I’m surprised it took so long. I was tempted to buy another one

Me too. :D

Yeah, I dont know either why it took so long, maybe we should ask the people who are interested in this light, but didn’t want to buy mine.
In the other threads quite a few people showed interest in group buys etc, but didn’t want to buy mine. :s

Now I am the lucky guy :slight_smile:

Not yet… you`ll have to wait 2 weeks :wink: