SOLD: Warsun ET26 XM-L2 26650/18650 now $25 shipped, will ship on January 6th

Now $25 including worldwide shipping.

Runs on 1x 18650 or 1x 26650 (no batteries included)

As good as new.... not more than 15-20 minutes burning time!

See this thread for more info.

The one in the middle.

from left to right: Jacob A60, Warsun ET26, Paisen Z6 U2.

Price is now $30,$28,$27,$25 including sending ,without original box!

You can choose with or without original box, box will add about $1 or $2 to shipping cost.

wow… sorry you have to sale it, it’s good price for a good light…
I wish you’re closer since I was going to buy one too :slight_smile:
GL with the sale!

Now, $27 including shipping worldwide, economy airmail.

(some countries excluded from economy airmail, so shipping would be a few $ more, so please ask before committing to purchase)

Now $25 including sending.

if you add $7, I will include a Uniquefire C108S (XML)

my pain is your gain!

I will be back on Monday.. and ship as soon as I can.

pm sent :wink:

Its yours Hanko.hrasko!

now answering your PM!