SOLD ----- WTS: FT03 mini NM1 Blue and NM1 Red

Good evening!

Im listing 2 of my like NIB ft03 mini’s. I would like to sell both as a “package deal”, but if you are only interested in one PM me please. Both are as close to brand new as possible, I have only used them 2-3 times each literally to take pictures of the beam shots. The beam shot pictures aren’t great pictures but these lights have nice throw. I just do not use them at all as much as I thought I would. here are the details:

-FT03 Mini, nm1 Osram Blue LED, Blue body
-FT03 Mini, nm1 Osram Red LED, green body
-(1) convoy holster (they fit very nice, see pics)
-(2) Sony VTC6 batteries (not brand new, but bought in 2020 and only used for flash lights)
-Original boxes, manuals, etc.


- includes shipping (w/ tracking)

- CONUS only

  • PayPal

i’ll never need either one but i’ll take both…

I’ll take it if that falls through

I pm’ed you

Sent you a reply. What were you using these for, a review?

Payment sent

Items are sold, thank you aginthelaw!

got them, one with vtc6, and one with molicell

I apologize aginthelaw… I never checked them before I sent them out, it is my fault… the molicel p26a you got is very new, but if you want the vtc6 let me know and I’ll send it to you. Thanks again.

It’s not a problem. It works. Sent you a pm. I just didn’t know they were modded until I read the thread. What didn’t you like about the other two leds, other than it’s not what you ordered. Did you do any tests on the new leds?

I wasn’t even thinking about the mod honestly, mostly because the way they are is what I had my mind set on, the orange and white leds, in hose two flashlights, had VERY low lumens and weak throw. The white I think is 500 lumens, which is crap bc most other nm1 white lights are 900… the orange had nice coloring but the throw and overall brightness was terrible. The red and blue are fantastic in those lights. I really messed up with that listing and I apologize. Although they were modded, I still only used each a couple o times. I had plans to spot animals in the yard, but I still just use the white lights for that. I never reached for either of those or the green one. Thanks for your understanding. The whole experience with those lights was cursed. I waited 7 weeks I think for them to come in from AX, wrong. Then another month for the LED’s from Simon. Then I never even ended up using them, I think by the time it was all sorted out I was over the hype of having them.