SOLD (WTS) Lumintop BLF GT

Up for sale is a BLF GT from the original group buy. An OP/TECH neoprene hood is included. I have barely used this light.

Asking US $195 SOLD shipped within the US. I’d prefer shipping to the US.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Someone please buy this… It is CW version and does it ship with cells or no?

I think it’s actually the WW version from the first run. I’m trying to sell without the cells now. I originally had it posted with the cells, but I’m thinking of hanging on to them to use with the BLF LT1 eventually.

I believe the first run was 4000k. If that’s incorrect, and someone knows for certain, please comment.

Sure looks like the Warm White I pulled out of both of my GT’s…