***SOLD***WTS: New Nitecore TM36 Lite 1800 Lumens 310Kcd **$215 Shipped US**

This sale is for a new Nitecore TM36 Lite. This light has only been used once. It has a Luminus SBT-70 emitter with a max brightness of 1800 lumens, 310,000cd, and a distance of 1100 meters. It comes with the original box and accessories. Price is $215, this is $175 off the normal price, payment via paypal. Shipping is free via priority mail in the US only.

Price drop to $315 shipped US…that’s $75 off the normal price.

Price drop to $300 shipped US…that’s $90 off regular price.

You didn’t end up liking it?

I do, it’s just awkward to carry. I prefer something a little smaller. She sure can throw a beam. I’ve gotta find a place to get some good beamshots…if it doesn’t sell, lol.

Price drop, $290 shipped US, that’s $100 off retail price.

Price drop, $275 shipped US, that’s $115 off the regular price.

Price drop, $265 shipped US, that’s $125 off regular price. This is a nice light, if you pick it up at this price, you’ll be pleased.

I'd take it from you, but I'm waaaay hurtin' in the cash-flow department this month. It should quickly find a new home on ebay, no?

Nah, I don’t ever sell on ebay.

Wow,you really are dropping the price,and quickly!! Ebay is probably a good suggestion.

I would also suggest leaving it where it is[in terms of price] for at least 1 day……GOOD LUCK.

I know what you mean about being awkward to carry.On the flip side I have an M2Xvn XPG2[VERY COMPACT] that is ~900lumens/385Kcd!

My bigger light, not quite as awkward as the TM36, Is my TK61vn V4 which is ~1800 lumens and 750Kcd!

Last price drop…$250 shipped US. That is $140 off regular price.

Price drop to $240, that’s $150 off regular price.

Price drop to $235 shipped US…this is a steal folks.

I really want to sell this light, it’s too bulky to carry…I’m taking a loss here…$215 shipped, US. That’s $175 off of the regular price.

What comes with the light—Holster—etc—-Also the lite version is just like the longer full version except for the batteries correct

There’s no holster for this light. It comes in the original box with extra o-rings, lanyard, & a carry strap. You are correct, this is just like the regular TM36 without the NBP52 battery pack.


I will take it if still available.
Please send PP info .
Shipping to West Coast