[Sold] WTS: Nitecore MH20GT XP-L V3 1000Lm/362m

LNIB, never carried, USB charging

$65 shipped USA only Paypal



I could watch that all day…

♫ you make the rockin' world go round ♫

That stinks!

I have been

And when she’s not on her bike, she’s over at Ali…



Fat, American ass :FACEPALM: Too much Mc Donald’s garbage.

Yep. I hate to post in this thread, but you need some muscles to support this. A good ass is one which is muscular and firm.

Which means squats, lunges, leg presses, Piston squats, and leg curls.

TLDR: Leg day everyday is my motto!

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Always with the negative waves…

Polish Bump!

:THUMBS-UP: … :wink:

:smiley: . :smiley:

Proud owner of another Nitecore. :smiley:

Everything’s copacetic, tnx!

Plus, it gives me a chance to lookit Motorbike Chick again. })

Oh good Lord, that’s nice…