***SOLD***WTS Olight SR52vn U3 Pdtc $125 Shipped US

New Olight Sr52vn U3 Pdtc, 1400 lumens with a built in charger, comes with holster, lanyard, o rings, and is engraved by Vinh. It’s also still under Vinh’s warranty. I would like $155 for the light. Shipping is free and within the US only. SR52vn beamshot is on the right, left is M25C2vn.

Price drop to $150

Price drop to $145 shipped US…paypal only.


Final price drop…$140 shipped US only.

Nice price for a 255kcd light.

$135 is as low as I can go…shipped US.

Price drop $130 shipped US

Price drop $125 shipped US