SOLD - WTS [US]: Price Drops - Various Emisar (D4V2) and Noctigon (KR4) Lights

D4V2, SST-20 Deep Red. Andruil 2. $43 shipped as seen (with frosted wide optics). Don’t have the normal optics. Add in SS bezel for $2, pocket clip $2. No white LEDs here, just red. SOLD

D4V2, E21a 2000K/5000K. Andruil 2, tint ramping/switching. Includes cyan + SS bezel, came with frosted optic. $60 shipped. Add in pocket clip for $2. SOLD

KR4 Mule, 219b 3500K, includes standard and SS bezel, clip, 18350 tube. Andruil 2. $75 shipped. SOLD

Shipped prices are for US, open to quoting international shipping. PP G&S.

All in great condition with no issues I can see (see links for photos). No batteries included.

I might be interested in the red d4v2, how much would shipping to the UK be?

UK Shipping:
Add $12 insured 1-3+ weeks delivery, delivered by your local postal service
Add $38 insured 2-5 business days, UPS

Bit steep for me but best of luck

What driver is in the Cyan D4V2?

The purple driver with the post (instead of a spring). Firmware reports model 0135.

Price drops!

The E21A D4V2 is not at tint ramping light?

It is tint ramping/switching.

I’ll take the KR4 Mule, 219b 3500K. PM me the details.

I will take the d4v2 e21a, please pm me the particulars.

PM sent.