SOLD: Zebralight H502w headlamp - floody - neutral white - $40

I just picked up the newer L2 version of this headlamp, mostly for looks since they’re pretty much the same, except for body style and anodizing color.

I’ve only used this one lightly around the house, never took it anywhere, so it’s in like-new condition. No dings or scratches. I’ll include the brand new headband, clip, and o-rings that came with the new L2 version I just received. (I’ll keep the older accessories.)

Looking to sell it for $50 $40, U.S. shipping included. SOLD

Specs from the zebralight page:

The pic sure looks like an XM-L2, is this your pic of the one for sale?

Yup, it’s the one for sale.

As far as I know, the LEDs are the same in both models. It’s just the body and UI that have changed. It’s confusing that they decided to label the new model L2.

Ah I see, head lamps are tools and thus I have a different budget for them and I just bought a hot air rework station yesterday night that drained my tool budget otherwise my first post would of been “I’ll take it”.

Good luck, that’s a great price for an extremely useful tool. Anyone looking at this and thinking about a headlamp, dont be turned off by the fact that this is a “mule” (no reflector), that’s what you want in a headlamp- nice even flood beam, you don’t need throw.

Price drop. Lets find this little guy a new home.

I'll take it, PM me your paypal. I've been staring at this thread for 20 minutes now :o

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