SOLD - is this Zhi Jun JD-9668 flashlight. It is new. I bought it just for resale. I don't use Li batteries. It's supposed to be a thrower, but I understand it was severely limited by low amperage.

Well, not any more...

When I got this light, I asked PilotPTK to look the driver over. I sent The whole section with the driver, switch and led in it, to him and he found it was not working as it came to him. He checked it out, fixed the bad solder joint, changed out the inductor with a better one and now LED is being driven at about 3.4 amps.

I do not have Li-ion batteries, but I hooked up a few NiMHs and only tested function. It worked and the spot was very bright, very small and not much spill at all, so I believe this would be a good thrower. It has an XM-L U2 led in it. Unfortunately, there's not much heat sink. The idea of this light is to utilize the reflector and head for heat sinking. I can see the theory, but as to how it will work in reality, I'm not sure.

It's a nice light is design, but the workmanship is mediocre. Thought out well, manufactured poorly. That's all I can say about it. I'm selling it for much less than it can be found overseas.

Size 315mmx 75mm x 26mm
NetW 700
Material 6061-T6 Aluminum
Anodize HaII
Battery 2xOriginal Rechargeable 18650
Reflector Deep Aluminum Alloy Mill reflector
Lumen 850 Lumen
Waterproof IPX8
Charger Direct Charge Plug Included
Switch Press Switch
Mode 100%>20%>Strobe




SOLD - Price $45.00USD Shipped USPS - CONUS Only Please

PayPal address - valleau (insert the @ sign here)

First person posting "I'll take it", followed by a payment and PM with your name and addy, gets the light.




If there aren’t any takers in CONUS, I’ll take it for $45 plus postage to the UK assuming you are near enough a PO to do this.

Well, that’s ok. I can get to a Post Office relatively close by. If I don’t get any takers CONUS, by midnight CST, I will PM you.


Holy schnikeys - that's almost HALF PRICE of the same light from !!!

GL with the sale.

I Really wish I had $45 right now :frowning:

Great, great deal!


You have the light.

Thank you.

My light box says 550 lumens on high, but is under-reading as the head is bigger than the aperture in the box.
552 lumens at switch-on dropping to 518 at two minutes with freshly charged cells.
A steady 150 lumens on low.

I got 76400 lux at 1 metre - measured at 1 metre - I really need to stretch the baseline out to 5 metres to get a more reliable result. I’d guess this number is a little on the low side.