Do you use Paypal?
I will take Noctigon Meteor M43 – Nichia 219CT ($110)
Please PM me.

PM sent - batteries.

I assume you are taking PayPal too.

PMs sent

Price drop

If you don’t own an sd mini, you should! This light sits far under the radar in my opinion. It’s an all around every day type light yet it feels too nice to be so. Anyway :wink:

here here! +1. I use it more than my mh20 (probably because of the tint)

For someone who hasn’t been around this forum for long, you sure know how to conduct a sale. Package deal, super fast shipping, brand new lights boxed with all the trimmings. You’re a great asset to this forum and I’m glad you’ve joined us. Keep up the good work!

I forgot. You also have good taste in lights

I bought the batteries that were previously listed and they were shipped the same day! :open_mouth: