All prices are OBO, and include CONUS shipping. No trades currently. Pic:

Convoy M21C SFT-40 Like new in box, great output and throw, $40

BLF LuckySun D80V2 - SST-40 has been replaced w/SFT-40 for much more throw. Like the above, great output and throw, tint is cool white but clean and not blue. Like new other than the emitter swap, but I don’t have the box $40

Skilhunt E2A - Also like new in box, but I added a little DC Fix to the outside of the lens, it had a tighter spot before and this diffuses the beam which I like. I can remove if needed. $18, $15 with either of the above

These have sold elsewhere, thanks

Congrats on the sale... however i suggest you edit your title to say "Sold".

And there goes the M21c... lol. Glad to hear they sold