Solder question?

Only in the state of California. :slight_smile:

Can people in California order it from out of state? Maybe from eBay or an electronics store?

I didn’t even know California banned it. (It is banned) For the rest of the US, you can get top notch Kester from Amazon all day long.

I know some of the higher end solder station makers will have lead-free specific tips due to the more corrosive nature of the lead-free solder.

My bad, my post was complete sarcasm. I’m not sure on their status on it being banned or not. Here in NC, ACE Hardware and many other stores carry the “good” stuff.

Kind of like how everything is “Known to cause cancer in California”, and if that’s case I don’t want to EVER go to California.

Happy Day

It’s the climate there, man. Southern Cal has the low humidity of a desert, but with cool, comfortable temperatures. It makes me want to wake up and go jogging. And I don’t even jog! Outdoor sports, motorcycle riding, surfing. It has a lot going for it. Some bad stuff as well, but nobody is in a rush to abandon the state. They put up with the crap, because the good outweighs the bad. Just my opinion.

I’ve spent plenty of time in California, saw all I need to see to know California isn’t for me.

Funner, the h1-a driver is a 1-cell boost driver (take in about 3.7V from single lithium battery), and output up to 3A at about 6V, so it look to me like constant current boost driver. Because of that, you can drive XHP50 and XHP70 led from Cree, if they are in 6V configuration on pcb. The xhp50 and xhp70 are similar other than xhp50 is a bit smaller and handle less maximum current (4.8A nominal vs 6A), so you will have no difference in performance, other than that a xhp70 driver may be able to output even more power.

Here’s the driver I picked up.

Once I get the Xhp70 LED from Kaidomain, I will know if the driver from Ali is worth anything.

Thoughts on the driver specs etc? Or waste of money?

Looks quite good in my book. Only 48mV sense voltage, should handle a nice deal of extra current output lets hope for a good boost chip inside.

I notice that the mode spacing is pretty wide. From 40 lumen on Low to 1500 lumen on Med. That is a really big jump.

Sorry but that means nothing, that is just a bunch of misleading numbers. The claimed current output could mean something if accurate, which is to be seen if someone tests it. But… lumen output? No need to make me laugh… I'm on it! :-D

Cheers ^:)

Sorry, I should have used the amperage instead of the theoretical lumens they provided.

Moon is 0.05A
Low is 0.3A
Med is 1.5A
High is 3A
Turbo is 4.8A

If we ignore their lumen ratings, the amperage ratings look much better. I don’t know why they think 0.3A would be 40 lumen. That may be a typo. I think they meant 400 lumen. If that is the case, then the concern I had about the big 40 lm to 1500 lm jump is gone. :+1:

Hmm… still a pretty big jump though…
It’s 5x the current.
from med to high is only 2x, from high to turbo is 1.5x. (not 0.5)
Silly spacings…

Oops, my bad. I corrected it.