Solder Station

Does anyone have either of these solder stations?
If not, do they look like they are good for starting out, and are they a decent price for the features?

Hi Robo,

I dont have those exact stations, but I have had a very similar one. The recurring issue I had with it was that there is a ceramic neck on the pencil that breaks very easily. I use mine quite a bit, so all of the cheap stations like that I bought were junk within 1-4 months. Even after replacing that ceramic part shortly after the whole thing died.

My 2 cents on this is to buy a weller. You wont be sorry.

Here is a thread for reference on stations if you like.

Good luck.

Thanks I will give those a look, rather spend a little more if it will last better.

darn…all that…really nice!

I have the stand alone rework station like that and it does very well

The brand ERSA also makes great soldering stations, but as mentioned above a Weller is a great choice.

You can get a used one pretty cheap, and it will probably be better than the ones linked.

yea I keep looking, not like it used to be where you had a coupled of choices, literally hundreds now. thanks for the info though I will settle on one before long.