Soldering, Drivers and MCPCB Questions

OK. I am a newbie when it comes to modding a light. I can solder. I have never opened up and taken apart an LED flashlight. I have searched the topics here, looking for photos illustrating the assembly of a typical flashlight and have not found what I want.

I have a new Convoy S2 host. I have a new Noctigon copper MCPCB. I also have a new Qlite driver. Both have short red and black wires pre-soldered to them. Note that the MCPCB is a triple with XP-L HI emitters. I will be using that with a Carclo optic. Using the Carclo optic means the reflector is not used, noether is the glass lens. The Carclooptic is much shorter than the reflector. Because of that there is a spacer required to position the driver positive spring properly for cell contact.

Working from the Carclo optic back, next in line is the MCPCB with emitters. Then the spacer. Next the brass pill. And finally the driver, with the spring facing the cell. I believe I have those parts located in proper order, front to tail.

What is a slight puzzle are the wires. It seems that with one pairof wires pre-soldered to both the driver and the MCPCB, one pair must be removed before the assembly is completed. Then the other pair of red and black wires would be soldered in place of the removed wires. Cut close to the minimum required length. Or am I wrong? It would help me I’m sure if I had bought a pre-assembled light, and then taken it apart. But I didn’t. I jumped right into the selected parts I wanted.

If my assumption is correct does it matter which is done last… the wires to the MCPCB or the wires to the driver? It seems easiest to solder the wires to the front end, to the MCPCB last. Or what am I missing or not understanding?

I apologize if this detail has been asked before and I missed it. Thanks very much.

Yes, you only need two wires, not four. Most people solder the wires to the driver first, then assemble the pill, then attach the wires to the MCPCB. I do it the opposite way, soldering the wires to the driver last. You’ll develop a preference as you do more of them, but there isn’t a wrong order to do it.

Leave the wires on the driver if they are long enough , to solder wires to the driver might damage other components.

Remove wires from led mcpcb.

Fit driver first, solder wires to the led mcpcb last.