Soldering iron thread (modding)

Hi guys

I’ve been a user of a loverly weller iron back in the day , them things were crazy good , now I’ve got a hakko 936 clone (stamos) polish/German company
It’s identical to the hakko apart from the plug for irons
It’s got a aviation type plug

I’ve been using it for mainly wires and small bits and pieces

So I thought it would be good for torches
Bought a 17mm driver from lexel , it was loverly and beautifully built
So I desired to put a spring on it , soldering away i tinned the center piece quite nicely then put a spring there (after I tinned the spring ) proceeded to heat the solder up for them to bond and after a miniute if heating it wasn’t bonding , so I had a closer look what was happening , the pcb was super hot , even though I set my iron to 250 –300oC and it wasn’t bonding , so I put it to 350oC and tried again, still no bonding , I desided to put up the temperature and have a even closer look , the tinyAT on the other side of the board has become loose and desired to wonder off , a power transistor also decided to go for a walk also , transistors are a problem I can put that back

I’m not going to give up !!! I was at electronics collage (ok a long long time ago) but the teacher/professor even said my solder skills were the best he’s seen in a while
It’s been a long time since I was soldering pcbs though but once you have the ability to solder it shouldn’t even leave your right ?

I think maybe my tip was shitty , but I had itchy fingers and needed to do this spring and get it read for the torch host in the post , I bought the hakko clone a few weeks ago and only really turned it on in the last week , so maybe I need to practice with it , I bought new tips also , but when it did come I took apart the iron and checked the heater,tip, etc

Question 1
When fitting anew tip to a soldering iron should I make the heat transfer as good as possible , between the heater and tip should I put some heat paste ? This is one idea I had
Question 2 should I buy a weller iron and use it with my hakko box , I can rewrite the iron easily if it needs it , they are both 24volts and use a thermocouple, I’ve got the schematics for both plugs I think (somewhere)
Question 3 has anyone else done something like this and thought to them self if you’ve lost motivation and the skill to solder

Thanks guys
Sorry super long post

Sounds like your tip is toast and not transferring heat well enough. That or your soldering station is not eating enough cheeseburgers and doesn’t have the power to heat the solder before transferring heat to the pcb. The clone stations are a mixed bag. You get good ones and not so good ones. It might be fine for light duty but once you start doing pcb and mcpcb it falls on its face. I say replace the tip and try again. If that doesn’t fix it you mighty have a weak iron even though it says 60w, 45w etc they don’t always tell the truth in the end.

It’s a funny one because I’ve just had a solder and it’s pretty good , but the tip is super bad , I had to cut about 2 mm from it and convert it to a small side type end , it was a pointy beast , it worked at 350oC , I guess the temp selector is not actually working so good

Anyway smd resistors are still not great but gets bond quite well , ordered some more irons and tips and they are on there way , love and learn

1 driver down , many more to go
If I had the money I’d just get a weller but I’m on a budget
Thanks for your input dude