Solid Copper Light Engines Blank & Upgraded (P60, E Series, Titan, Custom Makers) Available

Hello Everyone!

Based on the response that I've received from my earlier post in another thread I've been convinced to move this into it's own independent thread.

As I mentioned here, as well as on other forums & groups, recently I begun mass producing & selling blank solid copper light engines. I have the following solid copper blank pills/Light Engines available for immediate sale:

  • P60 - The P60s shown below in the picture are made by Brian Fellhoelter. Those are no longer in stock, however, the ones that I produce are the exact same dimensions - $35
    • It is realitvely simple to modify my design to accommodate a 24mm Quad Carclo optic. If you mention it ahead of time I will modify the P60 on my lathe prior to sending it to you, however, due to the time involved there will be an extra $5 charge for the modification
  • E Series - Was designed for a Surefire Incandescent Hex Head; Will also work in Aleph A19 heads - $35
    • I have 1 Defender style Hex Head and two OD Green Hex Heads that works w/ a SF E1E, E2E, if anyone would like to receive a fully assembled triple LED hex head.
      • Fully assembled E Series head includes solid copper heat sink, Noctigon MCPCB w/ LEDs of your choice and 15mm FET driver w/ guppydrv2 firmware - $130
  • AAA/10440 Surefire Titan-A & Titan Plus - $25
    • Picture below shows blank solid copper light engines next to the stock SF aluminum light engines
    • Light Engines for Maratac lights are available, but unmade, if anyone wants one they will also be $25 each
  • Sinner Customs - Blank LE modules to fit a Sinner. If you have one of Sulman's 18650/18350 Sinner flashlights where the pill screws into the head (Not pictured below) - $35
    • See Below Update

Insured Shipping is included in all prices.

I am also offering upgraded Light Engines for most custom made lights, Sinners, Oklumas, Mac's Tri EDC, Tridents and more! Blank pills for your custom light starts at $35. Fully assembled LEs w/ your choice of triple LED configuration (Meaning that you choose what 3 LEDs to use in the LE) and FET driver $130. Fully assembled LEs w/ your choice of LEDs for a QUAD configuration and H17F driver $160
  • This offering is for the Light Engine only and does not include an actual custom light. ;)
Questions, shoot me a PM. This listing outlines what is available now or will be available this week. If there is something custom that you'd like made that isn't found in this listing shoot me a PM or email and we'll get it done.
Thanks everyone!


Does an e1e head need any machining to fit your copper e series pill? What is involved to get a head set up with your pill? And I’d imagine your copper pill is for a triple led mcpcb.

yes sir, to both questions

Updated all pricing and added new offerings to original post.

Interested in one P60

Don’t do business with this guy. I sent my e1e for a triple conversion and he scratched the light badly, and all the work was horrible. I mentioned it to him and he apologized and had me send it back. Well I sent it back and now I can’t even get a response from him. I haven’t heard from him since July 21.