[SOLVED] where to buy Convoy S2+?

howdy folks,

looking to upgrade my EDC from somthing that uses 3 AAA to a 18650.
was planning on a Convoy S2+ with a nichia 219C LED. problem is aliexpress says “Can not deliver to United States”
not a big fan of the site/service anyway.

where do you folks recommend picking one up where you can select features? reflector, amperage, lens, LED etc.


here maybe; Search - s2

thanks malkoffdevices. :slight_smile:

It's nice of you to join us, DudeMan!

raccoon city, thanks for the welcome. good to be here. :smiley:

That’s really weird. Only the filtered UV flashlights cannot be delivered to the US, you shouldn’t have any issues with a visible light S2+. Are you sure you were browsing the Convoy store rather than somewhere else?

not sure if i’m allowed to post links but…

Try to clear the AliExpress cookies in the browser as well as your cart. If I select United States it offers me free shipping even if I choose Alaska, Hawaii or ‘Other’. If fact even Virgin Islands (US) and Puerto Rico are valid shipping ‘countries’.

^+1 Sounds like a cookie/browser issue. I literally just ordered one to the US moments ago.

Not a huge fan of AliExpress either, but for Convoy I like to support Simon and buy from their official store.

thanks you two. it was a cookie issue. clearing them fixed it. :disguised_face: :beer:
question… will Simon make one configured how i want? clear anodized, 7135*4, smooth reflector, SST20 4000K (changed my mind for better throw after speaking with another user)


If you ask him via message the seller on aliexpress, most likely he would. As far as I know, he’s done so for quite a few individuals so I don’t see why your request would be any different.

thanks Asian8640. i hate dark colored flashlights. tempted by the grey, but if i can get silver all the better.

Nice. The one I ordered was also 4000K SST20. Picked the “white” color box, not sure what I’m actually getting lol.

Have the 219c as well and no complaints there, tint is very good to my eyes.

where did you order? was the white color box just to narrow down the search perhaps?

from what i’ve seen (videos) the 4000K looks MUCH more natural/pleasing to me.
the 5000K looks harsh. especially with foliage around.
i can see why the 4000K has a higher CRI value. it looks more even steven.
also, i hear the 5000K gets greenish at lower intensities, and the 4000K gets pinkish.
rather have red/pink than green. will be using low levels somewhat often with mine.

here is an image of 4000K vs 6500K (wish he had done 5000K as well)

i got a message from someone that said the SST20 has better throw over the 219c.
which (as they put it) can always be tamed by diffuser film.
looking at videos, the SST20 do seem to throw better.

Ordered from the Convoy store on Aliexpress. Think I wasn’t fully awake and didn’t realize the “Body Color” option is for the number of chips. Been a while since I’ve ordered one, will send a msg as I want at least 4x7135.

that’s strange. if you look at my screenshot above it shows body color as 7135*3 7135*4 etc.
is that on a tablet/phone?

Yeah, it’s on my phone.

If you order from banggoods you can choose USA Warehouse for shipping it take about 4-5 days

you should send them that image. could help others in the future.

thanks, only the 7135*8 was available from US warehouse. i ordered the Grey SST20 4K, 7135*4 biscotti firmware, image says SMO reflector (stats say soft?)
$12 shipped including tracking/insurance out of Canada. China DOH!

thanks everyone. :beer:

He has for me.